Rim Spacer and Rims

¼” flat flat or 3/8” flat flat is used for rim spacer:

  • After you weave in rim spacer, pack down your weavers as much as possible.  Wet stakes on top as needed to keep them flexible so they won’t splinter or break
  • The stakes on the outside of the rim spacer are folded down into the basket and held with a clothes pin.
  • The stakes on the inside of the rim spacer are cut off even with the rim spacer.
  • Mark the stake you folded into the basket with a pencil showing length you need to tuck under an inside weaver.
  • Trim it and tuck it under one of the lower weavers so the end does not show. 

½” flat oval reed is used for the rim:

  • Oval part of reed always faces out.  The flat side is against your rim spacer. 
  • You want to thin both ends of the inside and outside rims so that when they overlap, there is not a lot of bulk.  You can use a straight edge razor, box cutter, or plane trimmer. 
  • Attach both rims with clothes pins.  Seagrass filler goes between the inside and outside rim to fill in the space.

Lashing the rim:

  • ¼” flat oval is used to lash the rim onto the basket.
  •  You make an X on the outside of the handle if the basket has a handle. (This helps hold handle position on the basket.)
  • Tighten the lashing as you go to keep the rim close to the rim spacer. 
  • When you start, you make something called a “fishhook” with the lasher. 
  • To do this, you go up from the bottom on the inside of the inside rim(between the inside rim and rim spacer). 
  • You take your lasher under the seagrass and then tuck the end down the other side of the rim spacer (between the outside rim and rim spacer).
  • Leave a couple inches hanging.  You’ll trim it off even with the rim when you complete your lashing.
  • When you finish, you end up where you started and you make another “fishhook” to end.  You do exactly the same thing as the first one. 
  • Both ends are on the outside of your basket.  After lashing dries completely, cut them off even with the rim.
Cathy Howell,
Mar 12, 2010, 7:20 AM